♫ Welcome to the Best NoCopyrightSounds Gaming Mix for Summer 2015! Be sure to share this free NCS Mix and subscribe for more free dubstep, edm, techno, nightcore!

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      Hi, sorry you are having trouble! To download simply press “pay with a tweet” under the video. It’s a cool and free way to support me 🙂 If you have any trouble feel free to contact me anytime!

  1. Ozzy Reply

    Like the music bro, I do mobile audio competitions and these songs sound pretty dope on subs. I don’t have a twitter but would like to get downloads for the songs if your looking for some support man send me a pixelmusic window sticker for my car and you’ll get some good acknowledgment with that slapped on my back window. Otherwise I’ve shared some NCS on facebook and have artists liked. I just hate having to pull up youtube when trying to bump a song for a sound demo.

  2. erlisna Reply

    hey! thank you so much for the songs! how do i give you credits on my youtube video??

  3. prashant kaktwan Reply

    after all the authentication , it says that “The URL you requested has been blocked”.please help me to download these song in easier way.

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