Welcome to the new Best of 2016 No Copyright Sounds Gaming Mix! Download this free NCS Gaming No Copyright sounds mix today. Feel free to share it on facebook and twitter or support me via Patreon

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Download the featured wallpaper in the video at the Wallpaper Section

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  1. Hmm Reply

    bit.ly/PixelDownloadscopy goes to https://www.facebook.com/PixelMusic/app/137541772984354/

    Seriously? No way to download without SPYbook?
    I, among others, refuse to step on their platform in any form, for any reason. They are simply not required, and certainly not acceptable.

    So, could you please explain why downloads go through them? Couldn’t share simply the files directly, from eg. dropbox, google drive, any httpd from some $5/month vps?

    • Pixel

      I’m sorry to hear that you could not download it. I use facebook as it’s a great way to connect with fans and the community. It’s certainly not required that you have an account, you can always press skip or even email me via the contact form! I’m always happy to help and can send you a new link!

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